Babies (12 weeks – 1 year)

All babies are cared for in our specially equipped baby area. The high ratio of staff to babies allows us to ensure the personal level of care that all babies deserve.

When you start to settle your baby in with us we will get a full profile from you in regards to your babies personality, feeding and sleep routine.  We will always follow your routine as routine is vital for babies and young children.

We keep a daily record of your child’s care which is shared with you at hand over.

Toddlers (2 – 3 years)

The toddler area offers a more structured play and learning environment catering to their individual needs. This is a transitional time for your child and while in this room you will see many changes.

Your child’s vocabulary will increase, putting together sentences instead of just words. We work daily on building vocabulary through friendly chatter, songs and rhyme.

Wobblers (1 – 2 years)

At the appropriate time, children move into our wobbler area. As the baby wobbler areas are interconnected  the babies are already familiar with the staff and children so it is a much less daunting experience than moving to a new room. As your child becomes more independent, we adapt the routine to cater to their needs. Their routines will become a little more structured, but will allow for rest periods when needed. We strive to let children develop their independence and to provide emotional support through out  the day.


Our curriculum is guided by Aistear the curriculum framework for Ireland. We use elements of the Montessori School Method, which supports children’s development in their natural environment. We offer children practical life experiences through the use of Montessori equipment. Montessori is a teaching methodology inspired and devised by Dr. Maria Montessori. Born in 1870 she worked in the fields of psychiatry, education and anthropology. She believed that each child is born with a unique potential to be revealed, rather than as a “blank slate” waiting to be written upon. 


We offer a Breakfast Club and a After School service. Children from 5 to 10 years of age are collected from local schools by staff and provided with a hot meal and an afternoon activity programme in an environment suitable to their needs.

Children are able to relax, and unwind after their day at school. We also provide care on days off or during school holidays. Staff supervise homework and as much as possible we try to ensure that out door play is available to help burn of steam!


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