We are committed to providing home cooked high quality nutritious food, with this in mind we adhere to the following practices.

  • We use vitamin-fortified cereals with no added sugar at breakfast time.
  • We use water, milk or diluted fruit juice as drinks.
  • Snacks are fruit, barmbrack, cheese or vegetables.
  • We avoid transfats by using real butter.
  • We do not serve sausages, chicken nuggets or other highly processed foods..
  • We do not give biscuits or sweets as treats, if cakes or cookies are served, for birthdays for example, they are prepared by the children.
  • We use probiotic yogurt.
  • We use brown bread.
  • Fresh fruit and veg are provided daily.
  • We serve fish at least once a week.
  • We use beef, lamb and kidney beans to ensure that a diet rich in iron is provided. All beef and lamb served are of Irish origin.
  • We do not add salt to food.
  • We encourage children to try new foods by having “a little bit of everything on their plate”

We fully supervise all snacks and mealtimes, to provide a safe, positive and cheerful environment where your child can enjoy their food in an unhurried fashion.
We will adhere to individual food choices or dietary requirements you or your child may have, where possible.


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